KJ's love for beauty started at a young age due to her growing up being her mother's first daughter and being around her five Aunts. Her mom, Marie taught her with being a little girl she should always be pretty. She remember as a child she would get her nails and toes polished every week. As she got older she started to get manicures too. Her mom always taught her the importance of keeping herself up as a woman. She says her mom would always dress her up in pretty clothes and shoes. Her mom always made sure she was pretty.

K. Marie Beauty (KMB) is named after her amazing mother. The "K" is for her name and Marie is for her mother's name.

Her love for makeup is something she got into herself. Yes, she know how to do makeup but, she's not a makeup artist. She love all things BEAUTY.

Here at K. Marie Beauty, our mission is to empower all women of every color, race, nationality and ethnicity.

K. Marie Beauty was created out of pure love and understanding.

Our motto is always...........
Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.Ā  šŸ’‹